The pandemic has made group meetings and gatherings more difficult and in some areas, impossible. But as your church begins regathering indoors, some people may hesitate to return if they fear for their health and safety while others may want to return feeling confident that they are able to maintain their own comfort levels while respecting others comfort level.

Take steps to reassure visitors and make them feel more comfortable by offering tools that let them share their preferences in an easy, visible way.* These new Social Comfort Zone products can help with easy to read messaging**:

*Remember to use these messages in compliance with your local government guidelines.

This selection of products are meant to custom fit your church’s needs: Some churches may want to only offer preference name tags, others may choose to organize worship areas or communal places into similar-comfort areas using banners and floor stickers to help people know where to congregate.

Provide church visitors with name badges to identify their comfort level.

Set up a table with a stretch table cover to distribute name badges and face masks.

Post a banner in your info center or lobby to help distribute name badges.

Use indoor banners to set up social areas based on comfort level.

Provide gathering spaces based on comfort levels.

Provide clear signage so guests are aware of your social comfort plan.

**NOTE: We realize that there are many opinions and strong feelings regarding safety measures and social distancing. Outreach is providing these products as options for churches who feel comfortable offering these social distance options in their communities. We are not advising you or your church on what steps you should take. Please check your local government requirements before implementing any measures.