MOPS International and Outreach have partnered to bring your MOPS group even more ways to promote your group and invite moms to participate.

Our designers worked with the Outreach team to create invite cards, outdoor banners, flags, indoor signage and more, which you can customize online with your group or church information.

Outdoor Banners

Give new MOPS members a warm welcome with these attention-grabbing outdoor banners. Sizes range from 3ft x 8ft to 4ft x 8ft


Get the word out for your MOPS event with a 12" x 18" poster hung around your church, at a community center, or any place your group meets. These promotional "As Seen" posters leave space to promote the details of your next group event.

Sleeve Banner

Celebrate motherhood together at your next MOPS event with these indoor banners. These 2'7" x 6'7" sleeve banners create a beautiful atmosphere, customizable to your group event.

Invite Cards

Ignite the passion of new MOPS members and leaders with these customizable invite cards. These personalized 4.5" x 5.5" invitational cards allow you to reach neighbors and friends to make the most impact.


Invite new members to be a part of a global sisterhood with these large 8.5" x 5.5" invitational postcards. These versatile cards can be used as a hand out, insert, or direct mail invitation, outlining detailed MOPS information for members and newcomers.